Well I went to El Jefe's Mexican restraunt in Hope today only to be very very dissapointed. I came in at about 12 in the after noon for a small snack of steak tacos. The server promptly brought out my tacos but when i began eating them they were engulfed in extremly hot sauce. If I am not mistaken I orded tacos carna asada with no hot sauce. After this then i confronted my server and told them to go get me some new tacos. The new tacos came out exactly as i had planed . WHat is the worst part of the story is the girl that thinks she is managing took my bill and charged me for the for the tacos that were savatageed with hot sauce and charged me double of what i payed for. She told me if i refused to pay she would call the police. I am a non confrontational Guy so i just aggreed to pay the measley 10.75 for the tacos. But told her it was a rip off and i would never come backl. The server also completly ignored this issue that I had. This was a simple problem , maybe miscommunication that didnt need to go this far. Well my two cents is El Jefes has terribel customer. If your looking for a decent mexican place try out El Mesons in Shelbyville. I have been there plenty of times. There defo spot on with everything. But El Jefes is Bs service in my opinion. Terrbible Buinsses ethics

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El Jefe Mexican Restaurant

628 Main St

Hope, IN 47246-1205

Monetary Loss: $10.

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